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Jamie Craig ~ Master Of Obsidian (The Master Chronicles 1)
From: Amber Quill Press

I was talking with someone the other day about a Gay Vampire Romance series I am reading over at Loose Id and the fact I could not quite put my finger on it but even after three books into the series it was simply missing something. The person I was talking to was also reading the series and stated “It needed more emotion“.

I stopped, I thought about it and damn she was right, the whole three books came across written in a muted tone of emotional distance. Sure the sex was there and the usual violence inherent in a Vampire Romance, Gay or Straight. It was all there but the emotion, the thing that draws me into liking any morally ambiguous bad boy character like a vampire and wanting to find out more about them and eventually see them get the guy, it was simply missing.

Jamie Craig has none of those problems here in Master Of Obsidian. The vampire Gideon is a gentlemen with an admittedly disturbing past but he stays civil and honorable and has a trusting human assistant named Jesse Madding who is his best friend and right hand man. The relationship is very professional and courteous… that is until a drug called Obsidian starts showing up that by simply touching it drives vampires to unleash their hidden inner desires.

From Page 50
“You gave me the door knob, knowing it was tainted,” Gideon said. Whether he was deliberately ignoring Jesse’s meaning, he had no idea. He simply wished he could see what Gideon was doing. “You did it deliberately to see what would happen.”

There wasn’t time for a response. The crack of leather split the air. Jesse trapped the howl in his throat, and his lungs seized, the sudden contact freezing the air in his chest. He was more shocked than hurt, but the shock enveloped him completely. His cock jerked, a single thread of pleasure winding its way down his spine and to his groin.

“I’m sorry,” Jesse gasped, when he could speak. “It won’t happen again.” Gideon chuckled. “You’re lying. You’ve got balls, I’ll give you that. But if you thought it would get you what you wanted, you’d do it again.” The whip cracked again. Slivers of heat sliced down Jesse’s back. “Admit it.”

It occurred to him to lie again, but he suspected Gideon’s reaction would be the same whether he told the truth or not. “I would if I thought we’d both get what we wanted.”
“And what’s that?”
“You don’t want to have to care about the consequences.”
The whip landed across his shoulders. “You want to be the one in charge.” And lower on his ribs. “You think you should be able to do whatever you want to me, and, God, Gideon, I want that, too.” The whip whistled through the air behind him, erupting like fire across his skin. Jesse cried out, unable to ignore the pain any longer.

So wrapped in the searing agony now making his skin throb, he never heard Gideon move. “I should be able to do whatever I want to you,” Gideon murmured in Jesse’s ear. His bare chest pressed to Jess’ back, and the cool contact helped ease some of the sting. “But right now, I’ll settle for this.”

The first touch of Gideon’s tongue along his split skin made Jess cry out again, but this time, it was a sound of shocked pleasure.
Jesse writhed against Gideon’s mouth, but never attempted to pull away from him. If anything, he wanted more contact. Gideon abandoned his broken skin and sought out the long thin lines of blood rolling down his back. Each swipe of Gideon’s tongue soothed every sliver of pain, until he was quivering with pleasure and need, the sting from the whip almost entirely forgotten.

“I smell you everywhere.” Gideon’s voice floated up to him, caressing hands gliding around the front of his thighs. “In the office, in my bed. Do you know I can’t bring myself to change my sheets ever since you spent the day in them? You need to bleed more often. I don’t think my cock’s been soft since I fucked you.”

Jesse moaned. He knew Gideon wanted him, but remembering a long night of fucking was not the same as hearing the words come from Gideon’s mouth. Gideon moved his hands over his thighs, his fingers framing Jesse’s stiff cock without actually touching him. He wanted Gideon to make him bleed, wanted Gideon to fuck him, wanted Gideon to touch him, wanted Gideon to bite him…
Rivulets of blood trickled down his back, disappearing one by one. Gideon’s tongue traced over swells of flesh until Jess felt his mouth at the upper curve of his ass. His heart thumped, and he stood a little straighter, spreading his legs on instinct in order to open himself up.

“I already said you weren’t going to be rewarded,” Gideon chastised. He came around Jesse’s body, standing tall and pressing his blood-slick chest to Jess’. “You don’t get my cock, and I’m not touching your ass.” He smirked. “Not even if you beg.”

Jesse leaned forward, stretching his neck to tentatively lick the patch of skin beneath Gideon’s jaw. For a moment, he savored the taste of Gideon’s skin—which led him to thoughts of other areas of Gideon he wanted to taste. “I don’t get your cock at all?”
“No.” His eyes turned golden. “I get yours.”
Blood smeared down Jesse’s body as Gideon slid down. His breath caught in his throat as Gideon grasped his cock at the root, angling it away from his body. With one last wicked leer, Gideon dropped his jaw and swallowed Jess down in one stroke.

Jesse fought the temptation to close his eyes—he needed to watch Gideon. He tensed, expecting to feel razor sharp fangs against his shaft, but Gideon was surprisingly careful. He pulled back, sliding his warm mouth along Jesse’s shaft, and then swallowed him once more, his teeth barely scraping against his cock. Gideon looked up, his golden eyes sending a shockwave through Jesse’s body.

Gideon is suddenly dominating Jesse in the most forcefully HOT, sexy as hell, BDSM sex scenes I have read in a long while. This is not your mother’s Anne Rice purple poofy pompous emo Gay Vampire Romance. Gideon is of course ashamed of himself when he wakes up the next morning after having been pile driving and sucking his assistant into complete submission throughout the night. Jesse on the other hand loved every nasty, bad boy, fuck me harder, minute of it. In fact he wants more, a lot more and he is gonna make damn sure he gets it and Gideon as his Master to boot while riding this jagged edge of disaster.

From Page 162
“The difference is knowing when to stop and then caring enough to actually do it.” When Gideon snaked his tongue around the shell of Jesse’s ear, a shiver ran down Jess’ spine. “Even when I know how badly you want it.”

Jesse clutched Gideon’s shirt with one hand, his other hand sneaking between their bodies to cup Gideon’s erection. “I’m glad one of us knows when to stop,” he murmured. “Because sometimes I do want it.”

Gideon snorted. “I’m beginning to wonder if your definition of sometimes is the same as Webster’s.”

It was passages like this that caught my attention and made me enjoy the interplay between the two men. I liked the idea of love and fear being combined to create this hot passionate relationship between a vampire and a human. Gideon’s control is a battle fought minute by minute.

The crime they investigate reflects the relationship they begin, the deaths caused by the Obsidian drug, a drug that allows vampires to let go and do whatever they have carefully inhibited themselves from doing.

This idea was then reflected in the sudden feelings that spring up between Gideon and Jesse. The idea that Gideon would/could eventually let go and harm or kill Jesse and that Jesse finds that ultimate power over his life by Gideon sexually HAWT.

This dark almost self destructive dance of danger is also reflected in the BDSM dynamics they then explore. Mirrors within mirrors.

Go now, pick this book up over at Amber Heat or Amber Allure or Amber “whatever the hell they are gonna create next week”. I just do not get those sections they have. Get over it guys, pick one name, promote it, and stick with it… OK? I swear these publishers can act like elementary school kids when it comes to selling Gay Romance sometimes. What is wrong with simply calling the whole frigging website one professional name (Amber Press perhaps?), like your well known competitor Samhain does and quit acting like mixing the genres will give the rest of the books cooties or something. How silly can you get? It just makes finding these great books confusing and the last thing we need is another difficult website to wade through like Torquere Press.

Grade A Jamie Craig!

Now about the rest of the series. Hoooo boy, does it charge on and on and on in a completely different direction. By the next book Unveiled their relationship is so comfortable it is almost safely domestic and then they run into Emma, an empath and bam they are now an M/M/F threesome so their emotions and motives must be carefully explored and mapped and well, that’s all just not for me and got a Grade C. Jeez, but that was several books ago and maybe things have changed I just don’t know.

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"Jamie Craig: Master Of Obsidian" by TeddyPig was published on October 22nd, 2008 and is listed in Amber Quill Press, BDSM, Gay Romance, Grade A, Jamie Craig, Vampire.

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  1. Selle wrote,

    it might be that we come from different perspectives as I mostly read gay fiction to avoid annoying female characters that similar straight fiction tend to have and not to read about romance per se. Now, don’t get me wrong the first book in the Master Chronicles was great, but then the third character is introduced, the little tension between two main characters is forgotten and it starts to make the same mistakes Anita Blake series made. So I actually prefer Fiddler’s series over this one. It’s far more consistent in its development, perhaps not entirely polished (you seldom find a series that actually is) but at the same time the series as whole lacks all the elements that i usually dislike in other books about vampires, plus the syndicate-like structure is a refreshing note. I’d love to have it in paperback and wish there were more books about vampires like that, straight and gay.

  2. TeddyPig wrote,


    Here I was thinking I could mention this other series and you figure it out.
    Yes, I was mentioning my reaction to Angela Fiddler’s Master Of The Lines series.

    What I find great about commenters on this blog is you are also right when you pointed out exactly what I found about it that bothered me. I had bought M/M Romance and felt I was getting well written but ultimately M/M Erotica because the people involved did not seem to have that emotional connection or focus I was looking for. It muddied the HEA part for me really.

    Yes, you are correct about The Master Chronicles as a series turns into Ménage Romance which sunk it for me also. BUT! This first book is all sorts of awesome for me and points out what I like to read. I don’t buy a series I just buy books and I still want to tell people about and point out a good book I find even if the series it is in does not work.

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