Snopes Warning Grouply

There is an all out warning on forum for Yahoo Group Members.

I received this email several days ago…

Carol wants to add you as a friend :)
We share the *Yahoo Authors Group I belong to* group. I want to add you as a friend in Grouply so you can see my profile with my pictures, my groups, and my favorite group messages.

Here is the link: Grouply link which I will not use here. blah blah blah .



Here is what Snopes had to say about this.

There are a few new services coming online which are social
“networking” sites similar to My Space and Facebook. One of these new
services is called “Grouply”. Grouply is tapping Yahoo lists and
reposting the messages to Grouply members. As soon as ONE list member
joins this service, all of our messages will then be archived by
Grouply. Grouply changes your email address to (yourname)@grouply. com.
for the purpose of your Yahoo list mail only. They will also go into
your Yahoo account and change all of your preferences regarding how
you view your mail, whether you get individual posts or digests, and
whether you can be directly added to any of a million other Yahoo groups.

In order to do this, Grouply requires that you give them your Yahoo ID
and password. I am truly hoping that most of our members are smart
enough not to hand over that information to ANYONE–especially to
another web service! There is no guarantee that this information that
Grouply is aggregating is secure, thus leaving your sign-in info
available to spammers and hackers–including all of our list files and

So be careful out there people. Unlike Sarah Palin I don’t think the FBI is gonna give a rat’s ass and prosecute these people for hacking into your private Yahoo Account.


"Grouply: Yahoo Groups Warning!" by TeddyPig was published on October 16th, 2008 and is listed in Reader Beware.

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Comments on "Grouply: Yahoo Groups Warning!": 2 Comments

  1. Tim Rowe wrote,

    That’s misleading: “Snopes” says no such thing, a poster on the snopes forum says it.

    Still, giving out one’s password to any third party, never mind one who disclaims any liability for what they do with it, seems pretty clueless, so I agree with the content of the message, just not the attribution to Snopes.

  2. TeddyPig wrote,

    Sorry about that, it is the forum. This was the first reasonably accurate and close to complete explanation of this hack I found.

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