Satan Was A Lesbian

Boy it’s tough getting on in the world
When the sun doesn’t shine and a boy needs a girl

Pet Shop Boys ~ Love Etc

You go Strange Sisters!
Now I would buy more F/F eBooks with covers like that.

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"Fred Haley: Satan Was A Lesbian" by TeddyPig was published on May 28th, 2009 and is listed in eBook Commentary, Lesbian Romance.

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Comments on "Fred Haley: Satan Was A Lesbian": 8 Comments

  1. Amber wrote,

    Okay, so Fred’s point is that Satan is no longer a lesbian, right?

  2. TeddyPig wrote,

    Nah, I saw it on South Park. They say he is gay now.

  3. Louise van Hine wrote,

    I think old Fred got lesbians mixed up with Nazis judging by the cover.

  4. Tuscan Capo wrote,

    Nyum, nyum cover. What was the title again? lol

  5. K. Z. Snow wrote,

    Then shouldn’t Satan be the one with the riding crop, blue velvet suit, and Elvis hair? Hey, wait…maybe Elvis was a lesbian, too!

  6. Louise van Hine wrote,

    @K.Z.: OMG you’re right! It’s Elvis – after the steroid treatments!

  7. Sarah wrote,

    I love the these two sites and am a bit of a geek for this older cover art. Can pick the odd one up here in NZ, nothing like these gems of course and certainly not the selection you can probably get over there I am quite sure. :) Have been told on no uncertain terms that going for a visit to the US so I can look in 2nd hand book shops is not a good enough reason to travel!

  8. Mklein wrote,

    Is Satan a lesbian or an evil dude? Pick one and stick with it, guys. Because Satan can be an evil lesbian or an evil male. But s/he can’t be both.

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