We close our eyes
We never lose a game
Imagination never lets us
Take the blame
We close our eyes
To see the final frame
We close our eyes
To time slipping away

Go West ~ We Close Our Eyes


“The Republican Party has historically and consistently fought every and any advances to LGBT civil rights,” said Leno, who has sponsored legislation twice to make same-sex marriage legal in California, only to see it vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
California State Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco

Terry Hamilton, chairman of the board of California’s Log Cabin Republicans – the gay GOP group – said Thursday that his organization “recognizes the individual and very personal decision to come out – and does not support third-party outing.”

So the Gay Community’s continuing debate over public outing hits the theaters this summer with a brand spanking new documentary Outrage focusing on some prominent Republicans. I sit uneasily on the fence seeing it as wrong and destructive (I spent ten years as a Gay Man in the US Navy.) and yet understandable and very much human nature.

Come on, admit it. We watched in fascination the whole Ted Haggard scandal on Oprah remember. We debated President Clinton’s blow job to death and spent tax payer dollars on Kenneth Starr’s fat ass to investigate it. So I don’t know but it seems there are no easy answers to something which continues to hold the attention of inquiring minds who want to know.

Even online I see the conflicts and inconsistencies of this debate when on one hand people feel free to gossip about Josh Lanyon’s gender and yet castigate Will Shetterly over outing Coffeeandink as a fellow writer. You could argue that both are professional courtesies but they still seem to be questionable when they spark so much debate. Hell, you all know I was even threatened with being outed and yet I still find it hard to judge that in every occurrence outing is wrong. There are tons of hypocrisies and inconsistencies we live with every day and some of those are of our own making. It sure is not and probably never will be a perfect black and white world.

Well, another thing to keep me awake at night thinking about. That’s just me, I suck!


"We Close Our Eyes: Outrage" by TeddyPig was published on May 10th, 2009 and is listed in Movie.

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Comments on "We Close Our Eyes: Outrage": 11 Comments

  1. Ali Katz wrote,

    Sigh. I just don’t get it. Aren’t our own lives complicated enough? Why are so many compelled to keep track of everyone else’s?

  2. TeddyPig wrote,

    Well, I wish it was that easy but I have to admit to watching the whole Ted Haggard fall from grace. I also know this movie has nothing but news stories that were already made public about these folks and nothing in it was not already being discussed.

    BUT… it still leaves me with an unsettled feeling that it is not all black and all white but a rather disturbing shade of grey.

  3. Angelia Sparrow wrote,

    I don’t believe in outing ordinary people who are living their lives and harming no one.

    I fully support outing gay politicians who actively work against gay rights. They are doing harm and trying to force society to legislate holding the closet door shut. They should be dragged out and exposed as hypocrites and evil-doers.

  4. Teddypig wrote,

    I agree it is inherently unfair but ordinary people get outed all the time it just does not make the national news is all. I have heard people talking about me at work. I am not that dense not to figure it probably has something to do with my sexual preference.

    As I said I think mostly it is just human nature and that we find what we see as secrets entertaining and I have to admit my own hands are dirty on that note which is why I find it hard to point fingers at others. I still own the fuck up to it good or bad.

    Hell, as I said the last time this subject came up with technology the way it is now you can out someone without even really knowing you did by simply putting a couple of pieces of info together that were always there in plain sight.

  5. Treva Harte wrote,

    I confess I do like to figure out things about people. What people don’t say is even more fascinating than what they do. Putting the pieces together is something a writer and a reader – and a human—does. At my best I don’t usually do anything with what I know other than try to deal with that other person a little better because I think I know where they’re coming from. But I do feel sad when someone has a need to lie to me or to anyone. Obviously in the real world that happens and it can be necessary. But the lie and the perceived need for it diminishes.

  6. Teddypig wrote,

    Good morning Treva!

    You work some long hours there.

    Well, the need to lie is obvious. It is still acceptable to discriminate against gay people.
    If you are in the military it’s a must to be able to lie your ass off. I got really good too.

  7. Treva Harte wrote,

    Understood. But it diminishes the person who has to and the person who needs to hear the lie.

  8. Treva Harte wrote,

    I’m not sure that came out the way I wanted it to. I’m just saying any system that forces you to lie sucks. That should be clear enough.

  9. Tuscan Capo wrote,

    My mother used to say gossip is the stuff of people whose bed springs never creak. For a woman as demure as my mother that was a little shocking to hear – yet it made some sense!

  10. Louise van Hine wrote,

    hey teddy i figured you’d have an email address here somewhere. you’ve got mine since I’m posting here but if not it’s louisev AT zebratta.com to continue our little discussion

  11. Amie wrote,

    I want to say that I was outed at work in a deliberate and malicious, gleeful way. (By a lesbian who I feel should have known better.) It turned out o.k. eventually, but that isn’t the point. I had a rough, ugly time and it sucked and it wasn’t my decision. I was out at home and with all of my friends, work is different. I don’t feel that it’s anybody’s business but mine and who I feel comfortable enough to share with, what I do in my private life. THAT BEING SAID…

    I get this ugly thrill of joy when bigoted hate mongers get outed even while I feel guilty about it. My thoughts are two-fold. First, the people and politicians who work so hard to remove basic human rights and nail all of the closet doors shut should be exposed as the vile little hypocrites that they are. If nothing else, practice what you preach comes to mind. You can’t be outed on the national stage if you keep your pants zipped, hmmm. My second thought is that the degree of self loathing that these people must have amazes me. Whether elected or not, to put yourself on the national stage and use so much energy demonizing what you are, must be unhealthy. Being outed will force them to confront themselves, their behavior and their beliefs. I say, leave Random Joe/Jane alone, but Ted Haggard is fair game.

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