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I found this interesting post through Avid Book Reader about Amazon locking down the number of times you can download a Kindle eBook. Good things to know before you make a purchase.

iTunes does this type of limiting function too especially when it comes to the iPhone. You can only access your authorized iTunes account through a limited number of computers. With Apple iTunes though you can also reset that limit and unauthorize all the computers then reauthorize only the computers you now want etc etc etc.

Anyway not unheard of DRM/Authorization traps there. Too bad both of these issues are not told to the customers before they buy products from the company.


"Amazon Limits Number Of Downloads" by TeddyPig was published on June 30th, 2009 and is listed in Kindle.

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  1. Kendra wrote,

    If you have a Kindle you can save a book you purchase to your hard drive right? I use the Kindle App on the iPhone/iPod Touch I havent found away to download them to my computer. So basically I am renting a book. sigh… Amazon is evil!

  2. TeddyPig wrote,

    From what I have read online.

    Plug in your Kindle using USB into your laptop/computer.

    Explore the Kindle connected and then backup everything you find under the documents folder.

    Each book should have it’s own .azw file so if your know which it is then you can now back it up doing this.

    Now about the iPhone… Nope Apple will not let you play around in the iPhone file system so they lock it up tight. You can jailbreak it but that is a serious hack for people with lots of nerve.

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