Having hung around lots of biker bars in my time, which should surprise no one, I have always agreed with this saying.

Which may indicate why I also agree with what King Rat has to say about Compensation In Book Blogging.

When I worked with Sybil over at The Good The Bad And The Unread I have to say I did feel pressure to review the eBooks I had recieved even though Sybil was an absolute doll and let me choose the eBooks from her gargantuan pile of goodies there was still this pressure I felt to crank out those reviews. I sucked at it! I so failed! And no Sybil does not use whips although I might have stayed longer if she had.

I am one of those people who wants to write a review that means something to me and will focus on some aspect of the book to explain why I liked it and most times that means sitting down with it for a while and contemplating it’s value to me. This is not a practice that goes very well with quantity of new content.

I also think when you step beyond simply reviewing a book and start promoting a publisher and their products you start hitting that gray area. So when I promote that list of Top ePublishers you see on the side of my blog the facts are I don’t get a penny from them for promotion. Not even free eBooks. It’s all about my experiences in talking with their authors and with their staff or owners and because I buy from them as a customer. When I look at eBook Readers I do not receive a single penny and no review units. When I review a eBook it’s because it caught my eye and I bought it and own it and enjoy it, or not, and here is why.

When I did the Teddypig Favorites eBook promotion with Loose Id it was for the readers out there, not for me to get anything. Those were all eBooks I already had paid for from Loose Id. Yes and it costs money too for me to run this website and buy these eBooks and in that case for Loose Id to run the promotion. This is not a job for me this is an honest interest and one I want to keep with few if any strings attached unlike say Romantic Times. As King Rat pointed out this is the way “unbias” should work. Organizations like Consumer Reports function this way and I pay for a subscription to them year after year and it is the way I try to do my thing.

Sybil over at TGTBTU, whom I consider to be a good friend has her way of doing things and I believe her model of accepting free books for reviews works for her without any question to her integrity and I can say that having helped on her website. What you see with Sybil is what you get. The same goes for Mrs. Giggles in my opinion.

On that note, do I think Dear Author and Smart Bitches have sold some of their own image in promoting say only Sony eBook Readers? Hell yeah, and I am not the only one online that feels that way. I don’t see them giving equal blog time or promotional space to say Cool-er or the many of the other eBook Readers that have shown up. I am not alone in thinking they are not that far off from looking just like one of those “paid for” review sites in that regard. It’s their blogs and their quandary and their image and no question they can do what they want. On the flip side people are not blind to hypocrisy or over justification and we all know glass houses are transparent but it is still not a good idea to throw stones no matter how much Windex you use.

So what is the issue they have with BBAW?


"Gas, Grass Or Ass ~ Nobody Rides For Free" by TeddyPig was published on September 3rd, 2009 and is listed in Wank.

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  1. LBea wrote,


    I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON. (surprise?)

    But you and I are of a mind about reviewing. If a book doesn’t hit me just right, I got nothin’. I can’t review because I have to, which is why I don’t ask for or get offered books (anymore. Hah). I respect others who can churn out reviews–that’s sort of amazing– and I have tons of reviewer friends I love and respect and buy drinks for. But if my heart isn’t 100% into a review, I just don’t have the time. The few times I’ve tried=fail. Plus I’m the slowest writer on the planet.

    BBAW? What the hell? How did that cause an uproar? TPig. I rely on you to keep me abreast of the situation! I have a whip. ::snap:: Get over here and show me some love.


  2. TeddyPig wrote,

    Go to either the SB or DA links you will see.

  3. Keishon wrote,

    I don’t use affliate links and anything I promote on my blog is from me reading it and enjoying it. Same as you. I don’t do promotion for a publisher, I promote books/authors that I love. Same as you. A lot of readers I confer with do this as well. All of us have the same agenda and that is to share our love of good books. The title to this article is funny as hell and grabbed my attention immediately, I have to say.

    As for DA, there’s no question in my mind that if there was a good ereader out there that was worth discussing, she’d post about it.

  4. Elisa wrote,

    Till more or less 6 months ago, only two publishers sent me book to review, and both time was since an author asked the publisher to add me to the reviewers list. Now I have many, but I still buy books from little publishers or from newbie author who self-publish their books.

    In a way or the other, I always try to read an equal share from different publishers and authors, and not always I review the book a publisher sent me. Sometime it’s lack of time, sometime it’s that I don’t like it (and I don’t review book I don’t like).

    I’m quite tired to listen (sometime inderectly) to people who say that I’m not a reliable review site (and, BTW I’m not a site, I’m a single woman), since all the reviews I post are positive. At today I have 748 books unread on my folder… it gives you an idea of how many books I haven’t reviewed? And some of them are from authors I like very much, but as per above, I tried to give a fast line to newbie authors.

    Last month I reached the 22.000 single visits per month. I already refused the offer from a promoting site to sell paying space on my page, since I don’t want to be bothered with the request to put a banner on that page, maybe of something I don’t like. I have a referral program account and to today I gained the mighty sum of 18 dollars… barely what I spent the last time I bought books from a website, and it happens more or less twice a week.

    I don’t receive many comments when I post, but I notice that are various and not always from the same person. Sometime I receive comments from people that are not in my Flist, and those times I wonder how they landed on my page… it’s nice and I like it.

    More or less I’m happy like that, even if, I don’t hide that sometime I’m scared of my own LiveJournal.


  5. TeddyPig wrote,

    Elisa! – Sorry I forgot to mention balance and you do that very well.

    Keishon – I think this whole thing is about compromises. I think it would be interesting if SB and DA reviewed other types of eBook Readers but I don’t see that happening. SB had a Kindle once and that’s about it.

  6. Christine M. wrote,


    could you please list the names of the eReaders you are refering to? And affordable ones that can be bought online (since not everyone comes from the same part of the planet)? I know both blogs have talked about upcoming devices announced by a few companies but until anyone can get their hands on them, how are they to review them? The Cool-Er is affordable and has been mentionned several times but isn’t available as of right now online, the eSlick only reads pdfs and txts, the Cybooks range between $500 (!!!!) and $750 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the iRex ones starts at 600. That leaves, what, the Hanlin? I might be missing your point but would rather they spent thousands of dollars buying those readers when the two most common ones are the Kindle and the Sony? And when elsewhere than the States, the only readers people will see in stores/read about in the papers are the Sony readers?

    Plus, I remember SBTB making ‘Olympics’ between the Sony and Kindle readers and Kindle receiving better results, amongst other things.

  7. Christine M. wrote,

    Me again. Just wondering if you’ve asked either the ladies of SBTB or DA whether or not any other company had asked for “promotional space”, the way Sony did? Has Amazon asked? The people behind the Cool-er? I know there were blank advertisement spaces on SBTB last week, has anyone asked to use it to promote a reader “other than Sony”? Did they refuse to sell this spot because they are “linked” to Sony? Just curious where your affirmation comes from.

  8. TeddyPig wrote,

    Christine have you been reading those blogs lately?
    Everyday is a Sony commercial day.
    Balance is not part of that equation and I can only go with so much hype and spin before I say uncle.

    There is the Cool-er which is available online at Argos last time I checked but probably other sites as well and there is Palm TX and Apple iPhone and tons of things I have talked about because I own them or have made sure people know about them.

  9. Christine M. wrote,

    Yes I have. I am aware Sony sent some SBTB readers eBook readers for review (and have you read those reviews? Not everything is pink clouds and fluffy bunnies). As for DA, other than the mention of the most recent Sony press releases and the ad on their site (which I am not submitted to since I get the posts on Google Reader), I can’t pinpoint what you’re refering to, exactly.

    The Cool-er isn’t available (it hasn’t been for at least 3 or 4 months, I know I was checking. You have to pre-order the reader but pay immediately to get in the queue.

    You talk about the Palm and the iPhone as though they were eBook readers, which IMO they’re not. Hell, the Apple Tablet which as not officially been announced for Christmas isn’t even a reader. It’s a smaller laptop hidden under a blacklit, touch sensitive 10 inches screen (and that $800 price tag? to read eBooks? No thanks). Yes you can use all those to read, but then, so can I use my 15.4 in laptop, like I’ve been doing for the last ten years.

  10. Christine M. wrote,

    *ETA re: Cool-er. You don’t pay until they ship, but you don’t know when you’ll get your hands on one. My mistake.

  11. TeddyPig wrote,


    The point is they promote only one brand of eBook Reader all the time and it is obvious and it is a decision good or bad that reflects on them. If it does not bother you fine. It still is what people see every day.

  12. Christine M. wrote,


    I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree then, since ,IMO, were the eBook reader devices market loaded with various models and brands, I think there would be a greater diversity of devices mentioned and/or ‘used’ on those blogs. But then I might be wrong, eh? *shrugs* Personnally, as long as they reviews are interesting and I get to discover new authors and new books based on honest reviews, I’ll be happy and I’ll stick around.


  13. Keishon wrote,

    Well, TP, I read on my iPhone anyway. Honestly, I’m not all that interesteed in other ebook readers. Just not. This technology is still in it’s nascent stage. Most or all are overpriced. I wish DA would review more mysteries but I know they are romance-centric. SB and DA are two blogs out of thousands, I’m sure Cool-ER have had the coverage as I know I’ve read reviews of them elsewhere. I know I wasn’t impressed with it.

    I know the iPhone is not an ereader but it sure is hell is mine. *g* Take care.

  14. K. Z. Snow wrote,

    I tend to recoil from any review site that begins to smell of product or publisher pimpage. Thank goodness not many fall into this category.

  15. TeddyPig wrote,

    I know the iPhone is not an ereader but it sure is hell is mine. *g* Take care.

    As one lady said on SB… eBook Readers are like the Missionary Position and the Apple iPhone is like the whole Kama Sutra. I want my Apple iPad and I want it now.

  16. Ally Blue wrote,

    Well I don’t know much about the whole BBAW thing (or SBs or DA, really, since I only visit them occasionally), but I do know that when I read anything off of Admiral Crunchbyte (my MacBook), I’m reading on my iPod Touch via Stanza. Not perfect, by any means, but it’s FREE, and all the words are there. Yeah, I’m not too picky *g*

  17. Ally Blue wrote,

    Er. Stanza is free, that is. Obviously the iPod wasn’t O_O

  18. Julia Barrett wrote,

    I read your blog religiously, not because I labor under the delusion that you are God or anything, but because you seem honest and I get so much information from your site. Thanks.

  19. TeddyPig wrote,

    Julia I believe in the power of bacon. Everything is better with bacon.

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