This is a big old OOH–RAH! to THE Marine Daddy of the internets Scott over at Bill In Exile.

Scott is my “go to” for HAWT like in “Hot House” VERY NSFW porn pictures and in your face gay politics ever since I ran into him in the gay blogging world. I have always said for every good Sub Sailor there is a studly Marine and yes I dated a few in my time, since they were always guarding my ass I thought it was only polite to give back, but I never met any as four-o as Scott.

Semper Fi Scott and happy birthday to your Marine Corp!

Shadow Jock

Lick My Pits

See My Speedo


"Bill In Exile" by TeddyPig was published on November 10th, 2009 and is listed in That's Not eBooks.

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  1. Lbea wrote,


  2. katiebabs wrote,

    Oh my. That first picture is very nice. Yes, very nice indeed.

  3. Ally Blue wrote,

    Boy Behind Chicken Wire sez, “Ally Ally Blue, take me home 2 ur manwhores! I R sew lonely!”
    And who am I to refuse? Do I look cold hearted to you? Huh. Don’t think so.
    **takes the new baby home in a little red wagon**

    yeah maybe I’m in a straaaaange sort of mood today…

  4. AnneD wrote,

    I liked the Bill in Exile website. Good reading

  5. TeddyPig wrote,

    Yeah, Scott is real, upfront, and funny as hell. Everything I enjoy running into online.

    Not to mention his great porn collection. Always a plus in my book.

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