Just because I am constantly repeating myself in email about this shit OK here is what I really think people!

In order of quality of publishing and dependability in reader experience.

#1 Samhain Publishing
#2 Loose Id
NOTES: Given a certain time of day or a certain author and these two ePublishers can change position easily. Good cover art and great editors and good writers and they just seem to always pay attention. Loose Id takes chances while Samhain seems to maintain a good customer appeal. I see the outcome in their products which keep a rather high water mark for unique and well written Romance stories be they Gay or Straight.

#3 Liquid Silver Books
#4 Amber Quill Press
#5 MLR Press
#6 Cobblestone Press
#7 Aspen Mountain Press

Anyone not appearing on this list or the rest of the sordid tale of woah…

Ellora’s Cave
NOTES: I like Ellora’s Cave I just wish their authors still did. I stopped recommending them when authors started reporting pay and contract issues. I still stay away unless I know the author is happy and then I will buy but that’s not all that often these days. Their editing is still decent but their story selection has fallen in quality with the loss of several of their top eAuthors who ran screaming for greener pastures but I am no contract lawyer. Oh well, still a viable shopping place to play back catalog treasure hunting because at one time they were the best you could get.

Changeling Press
NOTES: Quick poll who has worse cover art MLR Press or Changeling Press? You decide!
I like Changeling Press but I hate serialized eBooks so their format sucks for me and I prefer Cobblestone Press with their whole short story format better for some reason but the editing I have found is similar and decent to that ePublisher. I just could not get away from feeling after I bought a whole series I only got the effect of buying a whole eBook which feels like the literary equivalent of Chinese take-out to me. Still I might buy from here on the off chance something not reminding me strongly of a Furry Romance catches my eye and does not make my Poser allergy kick in.

Carina Press
NOTES: ePub Format eBooks only with no print book format available and likewise no print distro services at all severely limiting a potential customer base for any authors looking here. Good cover art but it’s not included in the eBook unless you use iBooks/Adobe Digital Editions DRM oriented readers to view the eBook so what good is that and strong editing policies since all they are selling is a single formatted text file that’s a good thing and takes Gay Romance so that can be a draw for a new author who might not know any of the better customer oriented services Top ePublishers provide.

I would buy only cheap eBooks from here though knowing I would have to convert them myself thus getting mangled formatting and no cover included in the price of purchase. JOY!

Because they are cutting cost or because they are just a front company, an expensive toy run by the big H to see what works it’s really too bad I thought they were trying to be better than not just as bad as. I would rather buy from Harlequin directly when I can catch big savings from those sales they constantly run and I don’t care if it’s just ePub format without a cover because I did not spend top dollar for any eBooks in that bundle. I would not want to be the author that got their eBook treated like this though. Imagine starting out being treated like you are already in a sales bin at half price yeah that’s what I want to write for mediocrity and discounts.

I would review that new Josh Lanyon book they just published but I feel sorry for Josh after seeing what I got for my money and knowing that book looked better as a PDF from the last ePublisher it was at and at least it did not get sold to me as a broken file format. This might be a better ePub “brand name” but the old ePub was more honest with their services and their products and notice who is on my Top ePub list and who is not so that honesty and having your heart in the right place is still rewarded in my eBook checklist.

Torquere Press

NOTES: These guys give away more junk eBooks than anyone in the whole Internets but their total lack of professional editors or graphic artists is criminal and they were caught using the author/owners to edit themselves to save a quick buck on those multitude of anthologies they constantly crank out. These guys work on the principal the customer is a fool theory of merchandising so who cares what crap we sell them. Gave up buying any of their eBooks after finding editing notes left in the eBook I bought and even worse they never followed up and corrected the errors noted. Junk! I would rather read free fan fiction. It is cheaper and with less fanatic cult like idiots involved.

Dreamspinner Press
NOTES: The tip top of what I term the Candy Wrapper Crew or why I buy eBooks at All Romance eBooks because I trust they use strong SSL credit card pages. What if you hired a good graphics artist instead of a good editor? The cover art just got better than Torquere Press or Changeling Press but that does not mean you could edit your way out of that brightly Photoshopped bag you created for yourself. Anyway, the story choices will still suck ass unless it is an author you are rooting for and then you feel sorry for that author as in… too bad you are not on Samhain or Loose Id getting better money and editing and guidance to become a more marketable writer instead of wasting your time here with people who dress funny and like posting suggestively posed pictures of their Hot Topic doll collection on their blog.

At least that is what I am thinking when I talk to authors toiling for these dim witted shysters.

Gay Romance is not interchangeable to Gay Fiction sorry go back to fanfiction darkfiction twincestfiction rapefiction bloodyanythingfiction “I made this label up yesterday on a whim fiction” discussion groups and waste your time arguing with the other Live Journal idiots making excuses for not writing worth a damn because if Harlequin would not print it based on the plot line despite the gender of the people involved in the story then you have your answer you fucking half witted hack. Romance is Romance folks anything else is SOL and does not sell to me for a good reason. Learn the rules and figure it out or stop labeling it what it is not just to sell me another eBook I won’t read all the way through because it sucks along with your taste in possible romance stories!

They probably hired their editors from some chat group based on spec and are now realizing they could not afford it. I have tended to stop buying from these guys over time since I want something more complex than slightly elaborated outlines of failed fan fiction stories “their friend said was so great and you really ought to be a writer” for my eBook purchase when I can go buy a Harlequin bundle for pretty damn cheap really you fucktards. Oh, and I like my character names to stay the same spelling throughout the entire story. My bad if that is so hard to understand oh guru editor jack ass.

See that is the problem here. If you are not as good as Loose Id or Samhain and don’t have the successful eBooks to back up your smart ass mother fucking mouth and have no reputation for shit to speak of why do I constantly get more attitude and snotty remarks from these creeps & clowns? I mean as a reader who actually buys Gay Romance eBooks and knows what I like instead of a hack ePublisher that sells turds and calls it gold. Oh that’s right Torquere Press taught you editing is not needed and the customer is a fool who will buy anything… right! Good luck with that.

FINAL NOTES: Same old, same old, oh have you heard about these guys because my friend wants to become a writer but is scared of having to actually write something good ePublishers…

Or as I call them the rest of the also ran a Candy Wrapper ePublisher Crew that if you have to ask about them you could probably already tell me what their issues are.

Amira Press
Noble Romance
Silver Publishing = When the server is actually up and running that is.

For those of you reading this who feel Romance is beneath you anyway so what does it matter who gets ripped off here might I suggest you take your supremely qualified literary ass and find the literary hovel you want to squat in for the rest of your poor career choice because arguing your “better than thou” approach to literature while starving is so last century and I find it hilarious to boot. Pop won the culture wars darling! Great literature is for comic book remakes and everyone else wants to know how Harlequin is so bad economy proofed.


"The Current State Of Gay Romance In ePublishing" by TeddyPig was published on April 8th, 2011 and is listed in ePublisher.

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Comments on "The Current State Of Gay Romance In ePublishing": 9 Comments

  1. KB/KT Grant wrote,

    Can I recommend one of my publishers, Ravenous Romance? They are trying to build up their FF line. Their most popular author, Ryan Fields writes MM for them and is their #1 best selling author. I have one FF and one MM with them and just finished another FF that will be published by them also. And they want even more FF from me. Don’t be surprised if I write even more FF next year.

    I know you’re probably more interested in MM, but I thought I would leave a comment for Lesbian Romance that needs to be mentioned since there are readers out there who want to read it. And out of all my titles, straight or otherwise, my FF books are the most popular.

    Great post, BTW.

  2. Emilie wrote,

    So what about the ones you didn’t mention at all? I can think of Phaze, eXtasy and Ravenous Romance offhand, and I know there are dozens more. What’s your take on those?

  3. TeddyPig wrote,

    Emilie I have not bothered to even buy from them since they are not romance oriented or gay romance oriented and if I want gay fiction there are already a ton of fully qualified publishers doing that, i don’t bother with pubs that have no real reason to be except to create more low quality ebooks since my plate is full enough with crap that looks like it sucks.

  4. TeddyPig wrote,

    I mean you are looking at what I bought starting in January. So no Ravenous is not even making my All Romance eBook listings. I do not see people talking about them on Goodreads and such.

    That means they basically are not selling a dang thing at even the book sites.

    If you are not being discussed or reviewed good or bad you are basically doing nothing. Pubs that do nothing are a dime a dozen who wants that shit. I won’t candy coat shit like that if someone does not stick their neck out they might as well go home right?

  5. KB/KT Grant wrote,

    What type of stories are you looking for specifically? I’m always on the look out for new authors, especially GBLT. How about Eva March? She’s with Samhain.

    I know Lyrical is publishing more MM and FF. I met with the owner there, Renee and we had a great conversation and her vision for her company. She had a lot of great things to say and I wouldn’t mind publisher with her. Actually, she offered for me to read some of Lyrical’s books and I should really get on top of that. *Looks at monster TBR pile and cries*

  6. TeddyPig wrote,

    I have heard that about them before. Before Dreamspinner and MLR and all that even. Before Liquid Silver Books even. AND… Nothing, not much effort to sell their eBooks and do much of anything really. I don’t see them on Jesse Wave peddling their latest eBooks and not on Speak It’s Name or finding the people to review their stock.

    Nice is fine but we all know how nice ends up in publishing.

    You have to have a hook and you have to get your name out there or you are dead meat.

  7. LBea wrote,


    I have a present for you from James.We went on a pilgrimage to get you that perfect gift.


    That ought to cheer you up.

  8. Reader Beware: Silver Publishing | The Naughty Bits wrote,

    [...] I heard about this going on in email but decided to see what would get said publicly. It’s not like I was impressed by the typical Silver Publishing product. Notice how they made the bottom of my list here. [...]

  9. Angelia Sparrow wrote,

    EC does a rights grab with its contracts.

    Their in-house style makes me crazy. (If I need to use the word “wracked,” I need to use it. I do not mean “racked.”)

    They quit using actual distributors so only Lora Leigh makes it into brick and mortar book stores (as opposed to 2005, when EC was in every book store)

    OTOH, they sell brilliantly, better than anyone else.
    And the checks have been on time ever since they got the bank move sorted out.

    And that’s why I keep writing for them. I may tear my hair, but my stuff still sells, even 5 years later.

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