Bob Damron's Addressbook

Bob Damron’s Addressbook

Ah Bob Damron’s!

I had several of these back when I was in the Navy in fact I think I left one on my old sub. I hope whomever found it got some use out of it. This little book which was published every year was very small and easy to hide in your belongings and was a well known and much used relic of an age before the internet.

If you were a young gay guy with not many friends you could call up and for whatever reason traveling around the country and you wanted to find out where guys hooked up this was your best and most respected resource. All it was is a listing of all the gay bars and kinda gay bars and anonymous gay hookup spots in any state in the US you might end up in. Sometimes you would find pages upon pages for just one city and sometimes you might find just one line about some bar that might have a gay night once a month based on some rumor someone heard and told the publisher about. All sorta hush hush and very underground for the time.

It’s too bad really but Bob Damron just could never compete with anything more local in nature for information on what was happening or more detailed in where it was located at and face the facts it is far easier just to use the internet these days for all that especially if privacy while traveling is of concern the internet is just more convenient.

But once upon a time I have to admit that $3.50 was well spent getting one of these for those just in case moments in a strange city.


"Bob Damron’s Addressbook" by TeddyPig was published on July 28th, 2011 and is listed in That's Not eBooks.

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