From: Army Times ~ Pentagon suspends DADT in wake of court ruling

If there is one thing that is really becoming apparent about Obama is the utter disappointment he has become. It does not take very much to hear it in the tone of so many posts going over the details around all this DADT crap.

He can call his cronies and slap together billion dollar bailouts to my industry in a matter of weeks… But get through a real Healthcare Bill that would work for the middle class? Nah, we have to compromise it into a weak and ultimately useless thing! My own company has been increasing the monthly amounts I pay for health care insurance and giving me worse and worse choices in plans. I used to have really good top shelf health insurance and now I am getting nickel and dimed to death by a plan worse than Kaiser. I just know really bad things are still to come despite how much money my company is making. For one thing, I know they want to move my job overseas to India since they discuss doing so every week. Why do I just know they will probably get a bipartisan sponsored tax break for doing it too?

Get rid of DADT? Nah, we have to drag our feet for years and even after getting a vote on some type of repeal we are still dragging our feet on this. They can rake together billions of dollars for multiple wars despite the economy going bust but common sense takes years?

I am so over it… it looks like a federal appeals court in California FINALLY forced the Defense Department to immediately stop enforcing DADT. We will see how long that lasts since our fierce advocate is not known for being so fierce in the courtroom. He says one thing and then calls us perverts in his DOJ filings.

I honestly will not vote for this liar any more if he shows up on the democratic ticket and personally if that nazi in a wig Michele Bachmann wins the whole thing the majority of voters in this nation deserve the bucket load of shit they apparently want.

You cannot give me the lesser of two evils bullshit argument anymore. I am simply going to treat it like any other consumer decision. I am not buying. If you give me this supposed “choice” between a “right leaning sell out liar” and a “right leaning extremist mouthpiece wearing lipstick” then you are actually not providing me a real choice but a punchline to a joke that I know will be on me.

So go right ahead and let some tea bagger idiot who believes there really is a difference decide who wins for all I care. If I am wrong and Obama is trying to do the right thing but is constantly getting played then he is even more pathetic for being such an idiot but I still think my initial impression of a spineless compromiser who makes empty promises every time he opens his mouth is pretty much dead on.

When both options are obviously bought and paid for by corporations who will screw me anyway since they own the supreme court why bother asking for my vote? You know the old saying the house always wins it’s the suckers who keep betting that make them rich.


"DADT Officially Dead… For Now" by TeddyPig was published on July 8th, 2011 and is listed in That's Not eBooks.

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  1. Gina wrote,

    You are not the only one dissapointed. By now I have decided that Obama has no ethics or principles because he wants to be a career politician and for that he’s willing to leave behind the activits that got him the win in the first place. Like you, there is NO way I’ll be voting for him. The democratic party better wake up and bring us a candidate that will be willing to make the real changes needed and not one that was created by a PR machine – one willing to be sold out.

  2. TeddyPig wrote,

    I do not feel betrayed by Obama since I think he was always like this. He thinks leadership is being some type of referee or mediator. We wanted someone to lead and the last thing he wants to be is a coach or set an actual direction or course for the team. That would mean he would have to get his hands dirty and make tough choices.

    I think he may actually have morals privately it’s just he believes his office is above such debate and he refuses to even participate beyond calling a meeting on the issue and seeing how far he can compromise to get an outcome that is safe for him personally. The only administration positions he will take are those he feels will not put him in any danger politically.

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