From: Dear Author ~ Saturday News: No Deals Just Stupidity and Smashwords Concedes to Paypal Terms

So it seems that stupid book T.J. Klune ~ Bear, Otter, and the Kid everyone was in love with from Dreamspinner Press was not only poorly written and edited but is also ripping off the gay movie Shelter for it’s entire plot.

I am not surprised and remember I dumped Dreamspinner Press after several eBooks from them were just everything lazy and low class I hate in a publisher not just poorly written and poorly edited but also entirely miss labeled. You don’t sell shit like that and turn around and say you “value” your customers unless you just “value” their susceptibility to being taken advantage of.

Here are some further examples of Dreamspinner Press missing the mark of trying to sell Gay Romance with no Romance…

Wolf Phoenix ~ Irreversible Error
Sullivan Wheeler ~ Billionaire’s Row
Timothy Owen ~ Aaron Bradley: Closet Detective

So it looks like Dreamspinner Press is now not welcome at Dear Author. Their reputation as a ripoff continues to climb the charts the candy wrapper hue of their pretty covers is starting to slip showing off the rotten core.

I thought I had seen it all with Torquere Press.

PS… I was told I was being a hard ass about Bear, Otter, and the Kid but let’s step back and look at what this review says… W.F. Reviews ~ Bear, Otter, and the Kid

I saw the movie a couple of years ago and this book has the same characters, same story development, same guy-gives-up-scholarship-to-take-care-of-small-child plot. Both the movie and this book even start with the same scene — he’s driving to the airport to pick up his wealthy best friend who is coming home from college for the summer. I watched the movie again after reading this book and there is no mistake that complete scenes, situations, etc. were copied — some almost exactly.

This is not “borrowing an idea”! This is not Battlestar Galactica as compared to Star Wars even. This is evidence of cut and paste and retelling the entire story of a small independent gay flick that does not make much money anyway and slapping your fucking name on it.

Like you had invented that movie and the story it told.

No, that is trash. Maybe not illegal but fucking scummy to the original creators to say the least. Ripping off folks who work on shoe string budgets so you can sell a gay romance eBook adapted from a gay romance film to your pals on Goodreads. Hoping none of them saw the movie that is… that’s real class there.

Well look at that… how to repackage your fanfiction for cash at Dreamspinner Press.

Chicks & Dicks ~ The Ethics of Reworking Fanfiction: An editor’s opinion


"Dreamspinner Press: Reputation Goes From Bad To Worse" by TeddyPig was published on February 25th, 2012 and is listed in Dreamspinner Press.

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Comments on "Dreamspinner Press: Reputation Goes From Bad To Worse": 20 Comments

  1. Mikou wrote,

    I didn’t read the book yet, but I know 1st hand (as a reader/consumer) that DSP does sell revamped fanfiction.

    However, I think I’ll have to read the book because there are others saying that the reviewer is exaggerating the similarities. I’ve watched “Shelter” several times and own a copy, so I was able to confirm what I remembered. The movie does not begin with anyone being picked up at the airport. Rather, Zach is skateboarding around town, taking pictures and painting on walls. He heads home and gets roped into babysitting his nephew. He goes to work with the kid. After that, he and his nephew go to pick up Zach’s friend Gabe and drive him to a parking lot to meet a bunch of Gabe’s friends who are driving back to Santa Barbara.

    So, maybe there are too many similarities for it to be coincidence, but I need a little more proof.

    As for DSP, I think it’s wrong that they accept books that are based on other books, movies or TV shows. If their roots are still recognizable and the ‘inspiration’ is still in copyright, it’s like stealing someone else’s time and work (and money).

  2. TeddyPig wrote,

    Well let’s hope no one published a script for that film or it sounds like just around the basic story line without any nitpicking there will be hell to pay.

  3. TeddyPig wrote,

    Go read his review again. He dished big time on the exact similarities between the book and the movie and it does not look good for TJ.

  4. Mikou wrote,

    That list is pretty damning. A few of the bullet points are generic, but many are not. Taken as a whole, it sounds like the reviewer is right about the plagiarism.

  5. mrb wrote,

    I read this book a few month ago and while reading I kept thinking, wtf she is just re-telling Shelter.

  6. Alex Beecroft wrote,

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with re-working fanfiction provided you re-work it enough so that nobody can tell it was once fanfic. Most fanfic doesn’t rip off the entire plot of the source material anyway – the plot is usually the bit the fanfic author adds themselves. So I wouldn’t even call something that ripped off the entire plot of something else fanfiction – I’d call it plagiarism. A real fan transforms their material, they don’t just copy it.

  7. TeddyPig wrote,

    Right, but when the gist of your post is “just change the names” on your fan fiction and send it to us… not good.

    Plus fan fiction tends to have many people helping each other out especially on the really good stuff where several people may have contributed their time and effort.

    I have a little problem with one of those people taking that type of community involvement and claiming it as theirs then changing a few minor details and making a buck off of it.

  8. KT Grant wrote,

    Look at Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James. She just changed the names from Bella and Edward to Christian and Ana and it’s so popular that people can’t get enough of it. Even made the NY Times for print and ebook now 3 weeks running. This trend of fan fiction is going to grow and explode and publishers will want more because it makes everyone big $$.

  9. TeddyPig wrote,

    You know I hate trendy shit like that. I keep telling you.

    Just because only a few people get sick eating at a restaurant does not mean that restaurant will not eventually get a bad reputation.

    Fifty Shades Of Grey was not that great of a book.

    Good for EL James to get the money for a Twilight ripoff while the novelty was fresh.

    Eventually people will wake up and realize it was not all that and the anti-BDSM message was well prude worthy to say the least.

  10. KT Grant wrote,

    But EL got her money and then some. Did you read all three books or just the first one? I wanted to smack Christian. Emo, whiny brat.

  11. TeddyPig wrote,

    Easy money is easy! Good luck on trying to pull the next trick.

    Just the first one. I skimmed through typical low rent Self Pub crap. I am working on The Hunger Games right now.

  12. KT Grant wrote,

    I enjoyed Hunger Games very much. Catching Fire was more meh for me even though it has one of the best cliffhangers I’ve read. Haven’t read Mockingjay yet.

    You’re reading YA now or just Hunger Games?

  13. TeddyPig wrote,

    Oh and with the recent exposure of Bear, Otter, and the Kid as a ripoff of someone else’s hard work.

    Just because everyone likes a book and the book wins awards does not mean it’s not a complete fraud witten by a freaking douchebag hack. I will go my own way when something feels wrong to me and it usually pans out to be the right choice.

  14. KT Grant wrote,

    I guess I should hold off publishing the Downton Abbey fan fic I plan on writing? No fun! :P

  15. TeddyPig wrote,

    Well they already have a gay character on it.

    Otherwise I would say do it but change genders and all that. I find that interesting.

    Taking a known work and reversing things and playing with those ideas is always acceptable to me. It’s not completely original but I have seen some really cool stuff from experiments like that. You know a gay Romeo and Juliet or something similar.

  16. KT Grant wrote,

    I’d love to write about a female newspaper tabloid editor/owner who seduces the daughter of a Earl or Duke. I’m a fan of the Sir Richard and Mary storyline. Not a big fan of Matthew.

  17. TeddyPig wrote,

    Really play with the current headlines have her blackmail him into sex from bugging his office.

  18. TeddyPig wrote,

    The villain master mind can be a Rupert Murdoch stand in.

  19. KT Grant wrote,

    And Sir Rupert is into BDSM ala 50 Shades! Forces innocent Duke daughter to be his sub. heh.

  20. Alex Beecroft wrote,

    Oh yes – converting a story without the permission or profit of the other people who worked on it, is low. And changing the names ought to be the start of a process that also involves changing setting, characterisation, backstory and everything else, until all that’s left is the inspiration. I have read some AU fanfic that was so out of left field that I could only tell it was fanfic because of the names, and that stuff really would convert with a couple of find and replaces. But that’s less typical than finding pro-fic where you can tell the fandom it came out of in the first three paragraphs of the excerpt.

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