"Heidi Cullinan ~ Discusses RWA" by TeddyPig was published on February 3rd, 2012 and is listed in eBook Commentary.

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  1. Merrian wrote,

    Thanks for sharing this so very disappointing situation. Heidi’s thoughtful blog post is an important statement. I can’t get over ‘don’t want to be uncomfortable’ as the reason for discrimination by the RWA chapter and how they were enabled to do this not only by the lack of leadership but the tacit permission of the RWA itself. Change from within is always an ideal but at what cost to people like Heidi and other GLBTQ authors and allies? This sort of behaviour by RWA and its chapters is both resistance to change and where the battle for change has to be fought.

    As I write this our Prime Minister here in Australia has ensured that there can’t be a conscience vote on same sex marriage which is required for any legislation to pass. We still have a long way to go even though this is out of step with mainstream Australian opinion which supports same sex marriage. So sad today….

  2. Merrian wrote,

    I googled RWA and this popped up inthe search results

    Right-wing authoritarianism (RWA) is a personality and ideological variable studied in political, social, and personality psychology

    How apt is that!

  3. TeddyPig wrote,

    Listen I gave the hell up on the RWA when they started kicking out the ePublished authors. That was not to help any writers make money that was plainly about appeasing the dead tree snobbish “I have a contract they don’t” bridge club. Now the dead tree bitches are dropping like flies and the ePubbed authors are making buck and where does that leave them?

    Going no where doing nothing and helping no one. They are irrelevant to any real career in writing. SFWA is where the real genre movers and shakers are and the real writer resources are available. Seems to me a SFWA Sci-Fi Romance group sounds a hell of a lot more fun with less histmoronics and a chance to be far more forward thinking and influential. While also being a benefit to the member writers.

    They will never change… it’s always 5 baby steps forward and ten giant steps back for the RWA.

  4. Treva Harte wrote,

    You do realize that becoming eligible for SFWA means you are already published with a very short list of publishers?

  5. TeddyPig wrote,

    Sure but then you also get access to some good resources as a writer for qualifying by publishing with one of those select publishers that does not mean everything you pub has to be only through that list it’s a qualification.

    Any group has to define themselves in some way for whatever reason I do not see all exclusivity as a huge negative if there is benefit.

    Look at that list of short story pubs.

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