I listened to Selena Kitt over on Dead Robots Society

I liked what she had to say. She is a smart cookie.

Burt Mavericks ~ Double Teamed By Daddy And Uncle

Burt Mavericks ~ Double Teamed By Daddy And Uncle

BUT… again what I disagree with is the basic fact when you talk about All Romance eBooks or Bookstrand or Fictionwise they may have ended up selling edgy stuff because they have been selling Erotic Romance and so on but they really are not setup to handle selling porn.

There is no age restriction stuff, no warnings, and no age verification built in and it’s that structural evidence that causes the issues. People uploading stuff that does not fit the format or the purpose of the website involved or what the owners have used to handle credit card processing “agreement wise” and so on from the ground up. The very reasons most of them have a TOS in the first place.

That is not addressed in this interview and that is the real issue I have. Was Siren breaking a few of their own rules with their own content? Sure, but that is on them and now they have to clean up their own house because they are under the microscope. It’s not if porn is good or bad… I buy it, and I am fine in stating I buy it, and I read it. Smart people do that stuff when they are being honest.

What I see is an almost underhanded abuse of these eBook vendors by the porn publishers and writers uploading their stuff to websites obviously not meant to handle hardcore porn. People ignoring the obvious for their own benefit. It is the argument continually made that the very well known rules in the TOS should not apply to their books. It is pretty clear to me that is what needs to be addressed whether or not sex sells or porn writers are smart or good business people etc etc etc none of that is the issue here.

It’s the whole why do these folks in particular not understand self restraint and what is appropriate behavior based on the apparent functionality of the vendor website involved? You want to be treated with respect for your work but you show them none by your collective actions.

At least that seems to be what the owners of these websites are saying and I agree with them on that note from what I was observing just browsing the new additions lists. My last question is simple… If you are doing so well and making so much money why are you people not putting together your own vendor website appropriately designed and geared towards selling your porn the way you want?


"Missing The Point" by TeddyPig was published on February 22nd, 2012 and is listed in Wank.

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  1. Wahoo Suze wrote,

    “You want to be treated with respect for your work but you show them none by your collective actions.”

    THIS! Holy shitballs, I’ve been running into this in every corner of my life lately, and I’m getting awfully tired of it. Way too many people are demanding rights, perks, consideration, and respect and are completely oblivious that they’re ignoring or actively denying those things for others.

    Good point you’re making, too.

  2. Merrian wrote,

    Good clear points and recommendations but just as important is your pick up on the entitlement behaviours and their consequences for others.

  3. Karen Scott wrote,

    My last question is simple… If you are doing so well and making so much money why are you people not putting together your own vendor website appropriately designed and geared towards selling your porn the way you want?

    Isn’t that what Excessica (sp?) was for?

    Can’t say I’m sorry. If I wanted incest porn there are places that do them free. *shudder*

  4. TeddyPig wrote,

    That’s one of the things I don’t get.

    Why does All Romance eBooks have to change around their website and get rid of Paypal which are all the things she was suggesting to accommodate selling porn?

    Why? All Romance eBooks is supposedly about Romance not Porn not Erotica.

    If they have their own website and it does not have the visibility they want or it does not attract enough customers maybe that means they need to change their products or their behavior and not force other more successful websites to change what they are doing.

  5. Marlene Sexton wrote,

    We did not abuse those retailers. The invited us over. BookStrand opened the indie publishing section and had very few restrictions on indie authors. We are not the marauding hordes the make us out to be and they happily took their 50% until PayPal cracked down. Their TOS specifically said there were NO limitations on cover, content, blurbs or tags for indies. Same with ARe. Their TOS did not prohibit this material and they took their cut happily until the shit hit the fan.

    Now it’s the fault of the indies. Will you say that when/if PayPal cracks down on BDSM as rape? Will you say that when they insist MM, FF ans TG be pulled? Will be considered those authors over the line in retrospect?

    And many of us write to the market. Their were so many pseudo incest titles because so many readers bought them. And not jerk happy twenty-year-old males. Women bought them overwhelmingly. Same with barely legal titles and just about anything you can imagine.

    It is the responsibility of the vendor to police their store, not mine or anyone else. If they didn’t want this stuff, they should have said so in their TOS. They should have hired the staff necessary to vet the books. No one demanded to be sold on those sites. They opened the doors to us and they held them wide open while they took their cut. If that’s not what they wanted, they should have closed the door. They have the power, not the indie author.

  6. TeddyPig wrote,

    What about All ROMANCE eBooks do you not understand? What issue do you have getting into your little head the intent of a website plainly labeled in such a way?

    Why then did the owners tell me they were being swamped by uploads from publishers and writers not following the current TOS as it was spelled out originally? Are you now calling them liars? Well fuck off missy do no wrong! No wonder they are kicking your ass to the curb.

    If you are selling a story of noncon BDSM that is not just another “BDSM story” that is rape and that is hard core porn. Porn is not just another form of Romance missy. That was what got pointed out to Selena in her conversation with Paypal that she was too thick headed to understand and that is what Paypal does not want and personally I do not want noncon BDSM or gang rape westerns or historical incest for that matter either.

    So there is the first strike against you in the Teddypig give a flying fuck circus… I buy porn from porn websites with my credit card and the appropriate age verifications just like everyone else does and I respect Paypal and my bank and these vendors saying they do not want to be in that game. Why is this such a fucking mystery to you?

    Quit mixing and matching your categories to meet your agenda to claim censorship. There are a million porn sites out there selling crap so find one

    Noncon is not BDSM and Romance is not Porn. You are not even intelligent enough to define what you are saying so stop trying to redefine things on the fly.

    Sex is sex but when it is used in stories in a different way for a different reason we adults label those stories into different categories and some of those categories like “rape” “incest” and “noncon” just will not fly in the same category as Young Adult or Romance or even Erotic Romance. If you don’t understand that you are too worthless to even argue with.

    These online stores are not built to sell porn. You can hedge your whole “but my book is special” all you want. If the cover has some lady laying around in a skimpy outfit and a three word label like My Kinky Family it does not need to be sold next to a Judy Blume book.

    End of discussion, go away now.

    Play your blame game elsewhere I could really care the fuck less how “invited” you felt you were. You are now “uninvited” that is why you are whining so loudly and because you were caught red handed acting like an asshole so catch a clue and leave quickly. Those of us smart enough to have asked the right people know what went down you can’t rewrite this to make yourself look better.

    Lastly let’s cut the crap…


    You can’t get rid of that responsibility or pawn it off on anyone else.

  7. TeddyPig wrote,

    Comments closed

    When I start getting people writing fucking huge ass statements of nothing but NUH UH having a complete hissy fit over the fact I actually talked to someone working at ARe and found out the dirt about what was going on. And that I know a bit about WHY things are the way they are with bank processing.

    Then the truth has been told. It’s not up for debate because that ARe person is not here to defend her statement to me and the lawyer from my bank is not here either so you and your crack pipe needs to move along. buh-bye!

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