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Here is an interesting topic…

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Have you ever suspected your original iPod may have sounded better than say your current iPad or your new iPhone?

Well guess what… You are not hearing things! See Apple used to use the Wolfson DAC in all their iPods which is a well known audiophile loved DAC chip… yeah, they even have huge forum battles over the best Digital-to-Analog Converter chips oh those DAC fanbois I tell you. So now Apple don’t use the good stuff no more they went and started using Cirrus crap and people can hear the difference especially if you get some killer headphones.

I was considering buying a new iPod Classic just so I would not take up so much room on my iPad because I started using Apple Lossless formats for my CDs and whenever Jason and I head out we always plug the iPad into the car so that makes it hard to use etc etc etc.

Then while cruising around looking at what people were saying in reviews and such I ran into this whole discussion and the very reason I should just go get my old iPods refurbished and fixed up.

Luckily I just happen to have an old 4th gen and a newer 5th gen iPod sitting around collecting dust not working for various reasons. Those are audio gold standards these days especially the 5th gen which is supposed to be the best of the lot. Several separate review sources said they liked it’s sound the best out of all the Wolfson DAC models.

The last large capacity upgradable hardrive iPod to get a Wolfson DAC was back in the 5th gen. The first iPod with a huge color LCD screen that would play videos. Remember the U2 iPod with the black face and red dial? Yeah, that model.

So new is not always better and sometimes it is worth just getting the old dang beat box fixed. Now I go looking for a great repair resource for old junked up iPods.

Milliamp: Apple iThing Repair Service


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  3. rudy myers wrote,

    i could not agree more. bought a IPOD 5.5 with 240 GB upgraded HD and it is sonic bliss compared to the their subsequent offerings. i am an audiophile and proud of it. the guys at Apple are not concerned about audio quality or they would have heeded the feedback. this is why their are many companies making a buck on after market DAC’s for the latter IPOD models. they just do not sound as good as the IPODS with the Wolfson chip.

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