Nude Male Skyrim

Skyrim Nexus ~ Nude Males by thegal

So I am sure you know by now Super Mega Best Computer is now hooked into my big screen Panasonic plasma TV and my Onkyo surround sound system.

I am playing Nude Male Skyrim! Work that money maker!
OMG this is so decadent it hurts. In such a good good good way.

Anyway, how do you do this?

First on Windows ONLY download Skyrim from Steam.

Then go over to Skyrim Nexus and download their Mod Manager from the button at the top of the page.

Then go get Skyrim Nexus ~ Nude Males by thegal. Use the download through Mod Manager button. Mod Manager is used to apply all these mods seamlessly.

I also highly recommend the upgraded texture and environment mods from OpticShooter. (Check the second folder symbol in for a listing of all his files.) These make all of Skyrim just that much more betterererer. The game world photographer at DeadendThrills swears by this dude.

Apply the mods and enjoy your Nude Male Skyrim.

Since my readers always demand more… I shall give them more. This Nude Male mod has no body hair.

We shall fix this immediately… Bodyhair Nude Male by MysticBinary82 slap this mod in instead of the other smooth hairless one and select fuzz ball, very hairy, or male pattern furriness and away you go.

If you want sorta the same fun in the other Bethesda classics…
Breezes New Vegas Males by sesom
Fallout Male Nude Vegas!
Breezes FO3 Males by Breeze582000
Nude Male Fallout 3!

Oh and a lesson learned… If you have a Gigabyte motherboard using Creative drivers and a Gigabyte video card using ATI drivers keep getting your drivers from the Gigabyte website only! Creative’s flaky software from their website can not even see the Creative chips Gigabyte used on their board and ATI seems to not check their latest Radeon 7970 driver stability against such obscure games as Skyrim.


"Nude Male Skyrim" by TeddyPig was published on April 7th, 2012 and is listed in Video Games.

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Comments on "Nude Male Skyrim": 15 Comments

  1. Erastes wrote,

    LOL! and there was me thinking you were playing it in the nude! Damn pS3 that it can’t do this!

  2. Ally Blue wrote,

    Wonder if I could talk the boy-child into this?
    Probably not… Although he does think it’s funny to make his character attempt to give random people lap dances. Hmmm…

  3. Louise van Hine wrote,

    i thought everybody played multimedia roleplay games while naked. Silly me.

  4. TeddyPig wrote,

    Yes, but now you don’t have to “just think” your character has a cute ass you actually see said cute ass.

  5. Erastes wrote,

    Can you customise your arse? meaty, bubble, wide, low slung….

  6. TeddyPig wrote,

    Nah it’s based of what race and build you selected.

  7. anneD wrote,

    I might have a reason to play the boys new (as in yesterday) xbox if this is what I can do with it.

    On that note, and since Mr Pig is a game whore of the higest calibre – what can you suggest for xbox kinect 12 yr old boy who loves world war2 and tanks?

  8. TeddyPig wrote,

    12 huh? See war game shooters get sorta overly violent and adult these days.

    If you want a fun shooter go for Borderlands: Game Of The Year Edition it’s adult enough to be funny and fun enough you might even like it and science fictiony enough to keep the kids playing with all the different guns and killing all the different cartoon monsters. In other words you will not feel like you are raising a psychotic with blood lust.

    I swear by it since I usually hate shooters because they revel in big dumb mindless ultra-violence but I LOVE me some Borderlands: Game Of The Year Edition.

    Oh and Borderlands 2 will be coming out soon so you can buy this much cheaper game and make them finish it before going out and spending money for a AAA title at full newly minted price.

    Oh and these Skyrim mods are only for a windows computer. Sorry I had to wait and buy a good gaming computer to do this stuff.

  9. AnneD wrote,

    I’ll suggest Borderlands.

    He plays world of tanks on the pc at the moment (hence the tank ref). Currently he’s yelling at Red Dead Redemption… Keeping it PG isn’t really in our family’s style :) But then I’m not necessarily looking for ultraviolent either.

  10. Louise van Hine wrote,

    I know it’s Easter and all, but I am really quite surprised no one has come up with the term ‘Skyrimming’.

  11. TeddyPig wrote,

    If he is loving Red Dead Redemption then follow that up with Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition.

    It’s sorta western but really it’s post apocalyptic sci-fi with cowboy hat wearing robots and zappy rootin-tootin guns all with rpg goodness. He will probably love that.

  12. Erastes wrote,

    I used skyrimming as a blog title a month or so back I am sure. what’s easter got to do with it?

  13. Teddypig’s Super Mega Best Computer ~ Building The Perfect Beast | The Naughty Bits wrote,

    [...] than any XBOX 360 or Playstation 3 available. Playing Skyrim is like a whole new game. Playing Nude Male Skyrim is beyond decadent. Playing Fallout 3 or Witcher 2 at the highest available settings is OMG [...]

  14. jamie adkins wrote,

    I was wondering mr pig since i hate computer games, do you know how to do this on ps3 by chance?

  15. TeddyPig wrote,

    Unfortunately none of the consoles let you mod like this.

    So far it looks like only PCs can mod a game and only Windows for most modding options.

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