Dragon's Dogma ~ PS3

Dragon’s Dogma ~ PS3

From: IGN ~ Dragon’s Dogma Review

Graphical glitches and technical problems plague the game from the start, and never go away. There are times when you’ll run up to a quest marker on your map to find that the person you’re supposed to talk to simply isn’t there, and you have to wait five or ten seconds for them to stream in. Fights out in the open wilds lose a touch of their drama when a griffin’s head or a Cyclops’ club disappears through the scenery. Some equipment doesn’t place nice with the character models, so your character’s elbow might poke through their shield when they run.

Walking along a road, your Pawns might start going crazy over some invisible enemy that will then suddenly appear out of nowhere. Big fights cause slowdown that can freeze the screen for seconds at a time on the Xbox 360 version. Dragon’s Dogma runs much better on the PlayStation 3 than on the 360, with a smoother frame rate and fewer streaming problems; if the 360 version is your only choice, a hard disk install is mandatory to make the game playable.

Are those the exact words that make you want to run out and buy this damn game right this minute or what?

So I ran out and bought the PS3 less sucky version since I just have to admit… Diablo 3 is not doing anything for me but sitting there like yet another video game buying regret. So let’s pile some more regrets on shall we?

We can always go back to playing Kingdoms of Amalur: The Republican Tax Con or something.


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