V.C. Andrews ~ Flowers In The Attic

V.C. Andrews ~ Flowers In The Attic (1979)
(Normal Goth Horror Edition where we torture the little twerp.)

I read Flowers In The Attic way way way back when in high school. It’s a fun read, very twisted and shocking because it has a incest thing going on to keep the teens reading. You can tell by the cover you are getting a Gothic Horror story so do not expect silly stuff like a formula HEA and so on. It’s not a Romance and the original cover makes that clear.

So I was on the Amazon Kindle Store the other day and found this…

V.C. Andrews ~ Flowers In The Attic (Now with extra romantic incest!)

V.C. Andrews ~ Flowers In The Attic
(Now with extra romantic incest goodness!)

WTF? Jesus H. Christ on a Ritz! Does this publisher even know what is inside that book? Do they know what the hell they are selling? Wow, talk about an eBook re-packaging don’t. Sorry, if someone else already noticed this. I generally do not buy that many Kindle eBooks so… Um… It’s not the first place I hang out at.


"V.C. Andrews: Flowers In The Attic (1979) ~ WTF?" by TeddyPig was published on May 9th, 2012 and is listed in Common Sense.

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Comments on "V.C. Andrews: Flowers In The Attic (1979) ~ WTF?": 7 Comments

  1. v wrote,

    Wow, doesn’t really say child rape-incest, does it?

  2. TeddyPig wrote,

    Tom Cruise and Melanie Griffith both with a horrid dye job making out on the cover does not say gothic horror.

    Close mind you… but no cookie.

  3. Keishon wrote,

    I saw this awhile ago, TP and yeah, the cover sucks. I’ve seen worst though. Did you ever see the movie? I love the books and like you read them in high school (who didn’t). I bought them in ebook as well and saw this WTF cover.

  4. James Buchanan wrote,

    O.O Really, incest, child rape, child abuse…echo the Holy WTF Batman! That make the damn story look Mills & Boone…

  5. KT Grant wrote,

    This book is also sold in the YA section of Barnes and Noble and at some used book sales I go to they shelf it as YA. Umkay them.

  6. jmc wrote,

    This book is shelved in the YA section at my local B&N, too.

  7. anonymouse wrote,

    That’s awesome. I love covers where a brother and sister gaze adoringly into each others eyes. You have to wonder what sort of crack the cover artist was smoking when he came up with that! :D

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