RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars

Oh shit! If you are in any way a Drag Race watcher get your ass over to the Logo website and start watching the latest RuPaul confection All Stars. JUICY! Is RuPaul getting bitchier? Are those queens getting older? Oh my!

The first episode is like a total blow out stirring into the pot all the wonderful dirt that you may have built up in the corners of your mind from past seasons. Like Mimi Imfurst made the cut… How? I have no clue. None at all. I mean, she basically body slammed a fellow drag contestant on stage in front of the judges on her exit the last time. What are they hoping for now?

So um, why bring her busted ass back and not Willam? All Willam did was cheat?

BUT! Willam does come back for a bartending spot in this episode so there is that… and man does it remind us of all of digging in the dirt from Christmas past. Oh, and after watching the main show you must watch the followup Untucked episode to fill in all the nasty blanks and boy does it deliver the necessary background information this season.

So first about Willam check out this link for one of the few reasonable run downs I have read online about what happened with her ass…

Seattle Gay Scene ~ WTF Did Willam Do To Get The Boot Off “Drag Race” ?

Now this is not pure facts but those are few and far between with these bitches like Tyra Sanchez sightings. Who? So for speculation it feels pretty close to truth. In quick summary… Not drugs. If it had been drugs you would have seen RuPaul standing over Willam holding her hair as she puked on stage saying “and children this is why you should learn to handle your meds better”. Because girl! If anyone knows how to handle drugs while providing “a teaching moment”… Well, RuPaul was the IT girl back in the Club Kid days honey. Oh man, the nineties were messy.

So basically the article says drugs would have been a “insta-ghost” thing or “a very special episode” deal so it was probably some type of “on going” behavior based “contract conflict” mundane enough that the girls will not try to explain it all but bad enough to force Willam to hang around and officially get “the on stage kick to the curb”. Willam just does not strike me as someone who would want to be filmed the way it turned out.

In my opinion any “believable” explanation has to take into account what Phi Phi O’Hara and Chad Michaels said on Untucked (The whole “since the start” “reflecting bad on them all” blah blah. Go back and check out what they said because it sets the overall tone of what you would expect to be explained and what seems to be missing from what has been provided.) around the time of the event since that was pretty much them expressing their flat out honest opinion as fellow contestants without giving away too much about whatever had just taken place. I frankly have not heard many stories that fit into the point of view they had about it.

TVgasm ~ Drag Race All Stars Recap: We’ve Been Robbed!

Back to “the Imfurst” pile of dirt. Mimi! Oh lord, you have to watch that Untucked episode… Rumors abound online that Mimi bought her way back on the show. Somehow getting enough online activity going she suddenly made a top slot on the “pick your favorite drag queen” tally board… Over Delta Work the classy big girl people really did love? Oh, just check out the comment section on that recap I link to because there is a full run down with numbers and stuff.

The juiciest online comment on that post though was about the whole other bomb that dropped Mimi Imfurst vs Alexis Mateo IRL Tampa Bay mudbath…

“you all you not see how shady ******* can be in real life. it’s not that a club owner just ‘preferred’ mimi lol she took a pay cut to steal the job! “

This is in line with the random comment made on the show by Latrice about “she undercut the bitch” so that’s what she meant! You know damn well Pandora got the whole story and knew whatever happened it was not about her but not to get in the way of any flying objects. No wonder Pandora was like “I am so going home now… Mimi get out there and sing for your supper girl!” Pandora may be many things but at least one of those things is smart… no matter how the show got edited.

WOW! So there, I hope I have shown that you need to be watching this freaking drama-o-rama mess. There might not be any show left after these bitches get done with it. Pure CRAZY! OMG! I just saw Tammie Brown reading Michelle Visage for her makeup in front of the camera the very next episode… You need to watch that Untucked too.


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