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Here we go yet again! I’ll just go scream into my pillow… Just because you are not upset at losing money does not mean a peer might not be understandably furious and that “pissed off thing” they are doing does not make them “bad people”.

I heard about this going on in email but decided to see what would get said publicly. It’s not like I was impressed by the typical Silver Publishing product. Notice how they made the bottom of my list here.

So hearing how they eventually started playing fast and loose with their authors and editors much like they were, in my opinion, doing with their readers did not surprise me so much. I just find it sad seeing the authors fighting with each other over what they say in public about the mess or how they say it. Just seems to be disheartening that they choose to ignore the person creating the problems because he’s supposedly a “nice” guy.

I say no, in my opinion, you ignore only when it is to your benefit to ignore something. I ignore raging psychotic assholes if they pay me good money to put up with their problems. The minute I lose money I don’t give a flying fuck how “nice” they are. Most business contracts do not have a “nice” clause you know and if the money is not there then there is no business and “nice” does not pay the rent.


"Reader Beware: Silver Publishing" by TeddyPig was published on November 15th, 2012 and is listed in Wank.

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Comments on "Reader Beware: Silver Publishing": 2 Comments

  1. jmc wrote,

    Huh. Silver Publishing was on my Do Not Buy list because it published RPF fan fiction with the names changed, and per the author (before she was exiled from that comm) her editor there knew it was RPF and encouraged her to do so. Beyond that, the editing and pricing were…less than impressive, but that doesn’t seem to be all that important when it comes to keeping epublishers afloat.

  2. TeddyPig wrote,

    The few books I bought from Silver Publishing had better sales blurbs than writing. What I remember was it just hit me as more “outline” than “finished product”. It’s like they published the stuff I would think you would find in inquiry letters.

    Interesting ideas but just not fleshed out with dialog or scenes if you know what I mean.

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