The economy is still in the dumpster people are still worried about losing their jobs or their house and now we have natural disasters piling up around the country.

So I say let’s go shopping… I need decent sale price retail therapy STAT!

Teddypig the ever helpful swine will line up some of our favorite gadget finds from these last few months that relatively speaking do not cost much money. In fact if you look through your Black Friday deals coming up later this month you might find better prices than I did on this crap.

I can swear whole heartedly each of these selections may not be “the very best” out there but the price I got them for was damn straight and through daily use I can say they do the job.

I am all about optimizing price while maintaining core functionality during a Black Friday sale orgy.

Cheap Computer Updates

Logitech K800

Logitech M570 (Wireless Trackball)

Logitech K800 (Wireless Illuminated Keyboard)
Logitech M570 (Wireless Trackball)

One of the cheapest things you can do for your computer besides getting a new one is to update your keyboard and mouse. I love this Logitech illuminated wireless keyboard and I have always sworn by the Logitech Trackball thumb mouse. It saves my wrist movements for other more important things. Works on windows or osx promise.

Cheap Boombox (With Bluetooth)

Logitech ~ Wireless Boombox

Logitech ~ Wireless Boombox Model: 984-000181 (With Bluetooth)

Wow! Lot’s of Logitech love going around up in here. Well, I did say cheap… Jason and I discovered this little goodie for playing music loud from your Apple iPhone or Google Android phone. Now note that model number and make sure whatever you buy has those digits. Logitech put out two different models of this little black plastic encased guy. One has a ithingy docking port and this one, the one I bought, has Bluetooth. You want the Bluetooth one!

Also Logitech has updated their boomboxes recently to some silver painted nightmare so they discontinued this black plastic line. Which is sad because they also raised the dang price by $100 which at the new more expensive price puts this generic audio shit in line with several other better brand name options. Logitech needs to keep it cheap or you just know you can find better. As I said… find this exact model number and buy this thing on some “end of model year” sale for close to or below $100 and it will do exactly what you want for a really cheap price.

You are just playing Pandora and your iTunes loud in your workplace or kitchen not trying to hear the exact flawless notes of some audiophile dream recording you know. Keep it cheap!

Cheap Car Radio (With Bluetooth)

Alpine: CDE133BT

Alpine: CDE-133BT

Listen folks, I know you are probably like I am keeping your commute beater car barely going the best you can. So the cheapest way to not buy a new car is to upgrade it’s functionality and a cheap ass Bluetooth radio (Maybe throw in a set of new speakers.) may just be the best thing during these troubled times. This here Alpine is something Jason found online and it so rocks. I swear he does not start driving till he has Pandora piping through his cell phone on the car speakers and he just switches to iTunes when driving out of range of the cell towers. So take Jason’s word for it and go Bluetooth in your old trashed out car and save a few bucks using your smart phone in smart ways.

Cheap “Well Lit” eBook Reader

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

You guys know I swore I was not going to blog about these dang eInk readers anymore.


Kindle actually did a smart thing and came out with a better higher definition screen. It’s paler, less muddy, clearer and it is lighted. Now, I hate the fact they did not update the Kindle with the rubber buttons because I think that manual buttons are better then the stupid touch screen models but because this screen is so clear I will overlook that and tell you for close to $100 this is not a bad deal.

Plus admit the fact the Amazon Kindle is not only cheap but easy to use and when you finally decide to buy a decent Smart Phone/Tablet from either the Apple product line or the Google Nexus product line you simply download the Kindle app and all your freaking eBooks will appear as if by magic.

Cheap Home Entertainment System

Sony PlayStation 3

Sony PlayStation 3

This is not quite as cheap but the big buzz this year has been about building your own Home Entertainment System. Many folks talk about putting together a computer to plug into your High Definition TV and I have had fun doing just that. I’ll be dead honest with you though…

You can do all the same things without blowing the budget by just buying any old refurbished Sony PlayStation 3.

Yes I know, Sony is run by probably the most inept pack of rogue managers on the planet. Even if you already have an XBox 360 though the Sony PlayStation 3 is still the best Home Entertainment System you can buy used at any local GameStop or Craigslist on the cheap. Remember to grab one of those PlayStation 3 Remote Controls since you want to watch movies and update your software when you get all this stuff home.

It has a Netflix app, and a Hulu Plus app, and a Amazon Prime app, and several other major label streaming apps just like any XBox 360. On top of that though it has a built-in Blu-ray player, unlike any XBox 360 ever will have, and let me tell you if I can choose between streaming “High Definition” content (Through a long ethernet wired connection. Do not try it wireless. Just no.) and simply playing a “High Definition” Blu-ray… Blu-ray wins hands down every time. On top of all that if you get tired of streaming movies and TV shows you can just slap in a video game and have fun. Oh, and Sony unlike Microsoft does not force you to pay $50 every few months for network connectivity for the apps you use so there is that too.

Cheap Home Theater In A Box

Onkyo ~ HT-S9400THX

Onkyo ~ HT-S9400THX

I know we could argue if this is really all that cheap but if you know anything about audio equipment prices… honey this is dirt poor shopping right here. I have been using Onkyo HTIB systems for ten years now and I swear by them. You get 7 decent sounding speakers in a box… plus a huge powered subwoofer… plus a receiver with switching between 3 HDMI sources… plus you get every THX/Dolby setting you can imagine. All for one low price!

Just remember to buy your cheap Amazon HDMI cables and a ethernet cable and some quality speaker wire you will need for setting this thing up the right way.

Anyway, that’s “the year of cheap” for me please feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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