Patricia Nell Warren ~ The Front Runner

Patricia Nell Warren ~ The Front Runner (1974)

Probably the earliest gay love story I ever read is finally out on Kindle. At least I just noticed it for sale you know I am getting old like that.

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"Patricia Nell Warren: The Front Runner (1974) ~ Now On Kindle!" by TeddyPig was published on February 24th, 2013 and is listed in Gay Love Story, Grade A, Patricia Nell Warren.

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Comments on "Patricia Nell Warren: The Front Runner (1974) ~ Now On Kindle!": 5 Comments

  1. Amber Green wrote,

    Welcome back, TP. Missed you.

  2. TeddyPig wrote,

    I am trying to attempt to come up with some blog posts here. It aint easy, we need more cowbell!

  3. Amber Green wrote,

    I slipped and fell in a pile of chicken poop this morning. The cat was, I believe, secretly amused.

  4. AM Riley wrote,

    I’d forgotten about his book. As beautifully written as it is, I grew to resent all of the gay and lesbian love stories that had to end with someone dead. As if even the author couldn’t allow homosexuals to simply live happily ever after. I was only fourteen when I first read this book and it broke my heart. I wrote a long disappointed letter to Patricia Warren (which I hope she never received).

  5. Elisa wrote,

    Oh, I’m pretty sure she read it AM. Patricia is such a wonderful persona, when I contacted her years back, I wasn’t expecting she was so available. She is not on the jury of the Rainbow Awards, a real honor for me, and we chatted on skype, and every comunication we have, it confirms my belief on her.

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