Richard Morgan ~ The Steel Remains

Richard Morgan ~ The Steel Remains

I was thumbing through this Gay Fantasy and it brought to my mind that whole Marquesate ~ Her Majesty’s Men thing. You know, that whole ultra masculine, ultra violent, ultra sexual, mish mash only taking all that typically modern crap and stuffing it into the usual Tolkien fantasy epic.

The reviews on Goodreads are a hoot as the self proclaimed “experts” of the reading public clutch their pearls and rant on about how dare Richard Morgan sully their gentle fantasy with this homo-manly-naughtiness and it’s awfully pornographic too! Have these people ever read any Gorean books? For a reading public they sure are uninformed to say the least. Anything that brings out the typical Goodreads mental giants to rant and rave about how nasty the language is and how disgusting the gay characters are… well that appeals to me big time.

So off we go for a new adventure!

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"Richard Morgan: The Steel Remains ~ TBR" by TeddyPig was published on March 1st, 2013 and is listed in Fantasy, Gay Erotica, Richard Morgan, TBR.

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Comments on "Richard Morgan: The Steel Remains ~ TBR": 5 Comments

  1. Sarah wrote,

    This looks great. Thanks for the heads up. I went and read some cool reviews on gr and was muttering about it to husband who told me I’d brought it for him a couple of years ago for Christmas. Heh. It’s on the shelf ready for me to read!

  2. AM Riley wrote,

    This looks like a great read! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  3. AnneD wrote,

    I like the idea of this. You have me sold

  4. LBea wrote,

    This looks fucking awesome. WANT

    Thanks TPig

  5. Annette Gisby wrote,

    fantasy with this homo-manly-naughtiness That’s why I bought it, LOL! We need more homo manly-naughtiness in fantasy :)

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