Pokemon X & Y

Pokemon X & Y

Hello out there!

Anyone home?

I just had to drop a line to you guys who still might be reading to let you know that Nintendo finally did something amazing. They got me to buy not one but two 3DS XL and 2 versions of this here Pokemon X & Y.

One for me and one for Jason so we can trade Pokemon.

Not to mention the game is freaking me out being so good.

If you ever played any Pokemonz back in the old Gameboy days this thing will blow your mind with digital pizazz and down right awesome sauce to play a brand new Pokemon game. So colorful and the animations are so cool and the Pokemon are cute and…

Nintendo actually followed through after all these years and gave us the Pokemon we all wanted when we were kids. Just do not buy a WiiU or anything stupid like that and hey if you want to save a buck get a Nintendo 2DS. My old eyes need the bigger 3DS screen but those 2DS are a pretty solid purchase there.

So um, yeah… does that make you cry over what has happened to gaming lately or what? I am proclaiming a rinky dink plastic coated handheld as if it were the hottest thing on the market right now which it actually is. A god damned Pokemon game on a proprietary 3DS is the best damn thing I have played all freaking year!

Oh and do not go looking for a 3DS emulator or any Pokemon X & Y roms out there because there are none and Nintendo wants to keep it that way. Stay safe and do not download any viruses or trojans doing stupid shit like that.

I am seriously considering playing it over again just to extend the fun I have been having with it. I wantz all the Pokemon!

Anyway, good to chat for a while. Hope everything is fine with you guys.


"Pokemon X & Y" by TeddyPig was published on October 28th, 2013 and is listed in Video Games.

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  1. Amber Green wrote,

    My son got this the other day. Loves it. Connects you to EVERYBODY else who is playing online right now.

    Welcome back, Piglet. Been wondering how you were doing.

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