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Pixelated: Xbox One’s 720p problem is the biggest deal-breaker yet

The big story on the internet this week is watching the Microsoft XBone and it’s numerous fanboys falling flat on their collective face yet again.

Seems several of the biggest starting titles for the Microsoft XBone and Sony Playstation 4 namely… Call Of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 are showing up on the brand new platforms in very different conditions. The Playstation 4 is getting 900 pixels out of Battlefield 4 versus Microsoft XBone getting a measly 720 pixels (Much like your old DVD player!). The Playstation 4 is getting 1080 pixels from Call Of Duty: Ghosts (Much like your new Blu Ray player!) while the Microsoft XBone is getting yet another big retail game at 720 pixels Hmmmmm.

What does this talk of pixels mean to you??? Well, seems the vaporware gurus making the Microsoft XBone for a whole $500 smackers are hell bent in selling you lots of last years jagged lines while the $400 Sony Playstation 4 is obviously kicking it’s ass graphically in the first two big name games out of the retail box.

That’s all well and good but the facts are not in the pixels really they are in the easy to understand specs since what we are discussing here are simply similar reengineered computer systems. The more expensive system by about $100 with the more complicated explanations about some mystical, magical, unicorns and rainbows, “THE CLOUD” and how “THE CLOUD” would fix any of it’s lower hardware specs or flat out poor decision making from the line of managerial failures now collectively looking for a handy exit strategy and will not be getting that magical helping hand in Cloud of Dukee or Battlecloud 4.

Microsoft is soundly getting fucked over by it’s own promises of vaporware that has not appeared and probably never will.

We see plainly that hardware specs cannot be fixed by vague promises and narrative band-aids. So save yourself $100 and buy the cheaper more stable Sony platform. In all honesty I will be getting a Sony Playstation 4 for my console of choice but you know who is getting my console of the year award?

Ninetendo 3DS XL(Look! They made a gold one!)… The reason is the 3DS XL has more games I want to play. Pokemon X & Y are superb and next month we get The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and you can always go back and visit Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The secret of Nintendo is simple really when Nintendo makes a gold Zelda version of any console you know what their real money maker is.

So fuck the Wii U and the XBone and the vague promises of corporate bozos and stick with the consoles that show some real promise or at least better god damned specs because this shit does not get better by adding more code at some later date or in Microsoft’s case, more exclusives.

PS… My thoughts this week are with Adam Sessler and Jim Sterling who seem to be having issues of their own.


"Sony Playstation 4 Vs Microsoft XBox One" by TeddyPig was published on November 7th, 2013 and is listed in Video Games.

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