Let’s knock this last part out quickly.

Graphics especially computer graphics are a nightmare for the technically deficient so I am just going to show you what my settings on PCSX2 are and suggest that if you do not have these options of they are slightly different on your machine… well “themz the breakz” but this should at least get you started down the road and these settings work fine for me so there is that.

First on your controller I use a Microsoft 360 Wireless Controller Adapter…

Microsoft 360 Wireless Controller Adapter

Microsoft 360 Wireless Controller Adapter

Now some of you purist out there might be like but I already got a Sony controller and I heard blah blah blah. Listen, I do not care. This thing is cheap to get ahold of and it works on pretty much ANY Windows computer and that frankly is all I am interested in at the moment.

Make sure your Microsoft 360 controller is on and linked to the Microsoft usb wireless adapter properly.

Go to your PCSX2 start screen and lets start configuring this sucker…


At the top of the page is the tab Config then select Controllers(PAD) and then select Plugin Settings.

PCSX2 Config Controller Plugin Main

Select only the settings found here and hit refresh on the bottom box labeled Device Diagnostics. You should be seeing DX Controller (XBox 360 Wireless blah blah blah) listed in that box.

Next go to the Pad 1 Tab at the top there.

Config Controller Plugin PAD 1 Tab

Clear any existing settings and then hit each button on the screen and then hit the corresponding button on the XBox Controller. Each individual setting should show up as you go through them all.

Once you are done there the controller should now work with your games.

Now go back to your PCSX2 start screen and select Config, Video (GS), and then Window Settings

Config Video GS Window Tab Settings

After making sure those settings match go select the Speedhacks tab and follow this screen.

Config Video GS Window Speedhacks Tab Settings

OK and now the last settings. Go back to the PCSX2 start screen. Select Config and Video (GS) and then Plugin Settings. Just change to the ones I show here.

Config Video GS Plugin Settings

DONE! Yeah! OK… if you run into any problems I recommend you make friends on the PCSX2 Forums but most importantly have fun. Long live the Sony Playstation 2.


"Sony Playstation 2: Emulation Graphics Settings & Controllers" by TeddyPig was published on December 16th, 2013 and is listed in Video Games.

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